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a bit about me

My name is Lucia Pec, I was born 1973 near to Hamburg, Germany. My whole life I have felt a very deep love for nature and creativity. During my childhood nature was my home and my playground, a place that gave me comfort and endless joy. In my twenties I travelled around the world to see and feel the amazing beauty of nature in Europe, Northern America and Australia. I studied biology to try to understand the magic of life and hoping to help make this world a better place for all beings.
In 2005 I moved to the Šumava mountains in Czech Republic. I already knew this area from holidays with my mother. Both my parents are Czech. Here in the national parks Šumava and Bavarian Forest I became a mindful nature guide for adults and school classes. While I was offering others a possibility to deepen or rediscover their connection with nature and themselves, I began my own journey of a deeply healing, creative connection between me and nature. The initial inspiration to use found materials to create, were the books of the wonderful land artist Andy Goldsworthy. Most winters I spend at the Costa Vicentina in southwest Portugal and it was there that I first began to create little impermanent artworks with plastic litter, that I would find on the beaches. Within a few years my focus slowly shifted from litter art to land art, also called earth art, eco art or environmental art. My ephemeral creations are made from found natural materials in nature. Creating in nature also means to create with the elements, the wind, the sun, the ground, just everything and to recreate and emphasize the beauty and impermanence of all that exists and permanently changes. When I create, I am embedded in the never-ending natural cycles of nature and with that magic flow I create. Mostly I create intuitively, without planning what and where. Mother nature’s blessings and offers are my inspirations to create. I feel the deep everlasting connection of everything in this universe to the fullest when I create. I can grasp the magic, that flows through everything, I feel held and safe, full of peace, trust and gratitude. I share my art on Facebook and Instagram since many years and it is a wonderful gift to experience, how my creations speak a natural universal language that can touch and open the hearts of others.
I live here with my German husband and two old doggy girls. Apart from creating I love to dance under the open sky, read, travel with our camper, walk and cuddle with our dogs and take pictures of nature’s beauty.
This year I published a card set with 44 of my creations in Germany, together with a booklet with texts and exercises in nature. It’s called “Lebe deine wahre Natur” (Live your true nature) and was published by Allegria/Ullstein Buchverlage in Berlin. I dream of finding publishers in other countries, so that I may share my light with many more people around the world.

Instagram: @my.creative.nature

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